Tailored Precision Machining Solutions for Diverse Sectors

At Puget Sound Precision, our commitment to precision, quality, and innovation enables us to serve a wide range of industries with tailored machining solutions. Our expertise and advanced capabilities ensure that we meet the unique requirements of each sector, providing reliable and high-performance components and assemblies.

industries served

Government and Defense Contractors

We understand the stringent requirements and exacting standards of the government and defense sectors. Our precision machined parts and sub-assemblies are designed to meet the highest levels of accuracy and reliability, essential for defense systems and government projects. From aerospace components to custom automotive tools, we deliver solutions that support mission-critical operations and enhance the performance of defense equipment.


Puget Sound Precision has provided parts and assemblies that contribute to the advancement of aerospace technology. Our expertise includes producing components like guidance gyroscope chassis, liquid oxygen components for space exploration, and prototyping for drones. With a focus on precision and durability, our products help ensure the safety and efficiency of aerospace applications.

Medical Devices

The medical device industry demands the utmost precision and reliability, and Puget Sound Precision delivers. We manufacture surgical bone drilling device prototypes, blood sample testing hardware, and ultrasonic thermal measurement transmitters, among other critical components. Our commitment to quality ensures that medical devices function flawlessly, contributing to better patient outcomes and advancing medical technology.

Technology and Electronics

In the fast-paced technology sector, precision and innovation are paramount. We provide high-quality machined parts for virtual reality headsets, high-speed photo-developing components, and other advanced technology applications. Our screw machine products, including custom screws and standoffs, are essential for electronic and display industries, ensuring reliable performance in high-tech devices.

Industrial Applications

Puget Sound Precision supports various industrial applications with durable and precise components. We produce ultra-high-pressure water jet nozzles, pump parts, carbon fiber shape prototyping mandrels, and custom tools for automatic underground boring devices. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of manufacturing and industrial processes.

Space Exploration

Puget Sound Precision is proud to contribute to space exploration with high-precision components designed for extreme environments. We manufacture liquid oxygen components and other critical parts for space exploration companies, supporting missions that push the boundaries of human achievement. Our commitment to precision and innovation helps ensure the success of space exploration endeavors.

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